There’s something about the Jaguar

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Let me get one thing straight the Jaguar is my first car its a X-type and I absolutely love it. There are many things about it that draw me to it but first and foremost is the feeling I get when I drive it. The Jaguar is AWD and can handle anything it accelerates very well and its has some show off to it, it’s not like saying “I own a Jag” doesn’t make you look like a show off. The X-type has been able to keep the steering straight in even the most awful weather from rain storms to snow that most places don’t get this Jaguar has seen it all. I have driven many cars since it but theres something about it like a bit of the cars soul that makes it still something I love driving. I have driven many cars from BMW’s to Astons but this car just makes me happy.

Jaguar Hood
Jaguar Hood

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