BMW 335i

The BMW 335i M Performance Edition

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The BMW 335i M performance edition is something else. The sound that comes out of the tailpipe is amazing followed by a distinctive pop that’s just the right dirty. This BMW handles like a dream. The performance is something else the acceleration 0-60 in 4.6 about 326 horsepower and 332 pounds of torque this is race car pretending to be a luxury sedan. BMW makes high quality well designed cars. It is a comfortable interior with leather heated seats that can also have cooling affect for warm days.

When driven it wasn’t the smoothest ride but this car has sport suspension which is very stiff making it a tough ride but a fast ride that can handle high speeds in the sharpest corners. The styling isn’t great, BMW’s last generation was very well designed and styled beautifully. Comparing looks the best looking in the Class would be the Lexus IS350F or the Jaguar XE.

This is a rare car as last count there is only 60 in Canada. There are many options in style and colour, you can have carbon fibre accents and many other little details. BMW’s racing team put a lot into this car as it is faster and able to out perform others.

The best part of this car is the noise it makes its a smooth rev followed by some pops when you eventually slow down. The AWD model handles every curve that it comes in contact with more ease than most other cars. xDrive is one of the best AWD systems available.

This BMW can easily take out its competitors with customizability and performance. BMW is a leader when it comes to the sport saloon market that it practically made itself. Its strongest competition is the Audi S4 or the Lexus IS350F edition. The 335i is a all round good car.

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